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1. Bring your clean container from home or purchase one from us to get started.

2. Weigh your container before filling. This insures you will only pay for your product weight.

3. Fill your container with however much product you want.

4. Weigh + Pay!

Workshops & Parties

Looking for a fun experience for you and your friends? coworkers? employees? or a birthday party? The sky is the limit at Truly Pure Refillery! Book your private event today or get tickets for a scheduled workshop!

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Brooklyn Made Natural - Rose Charcoal Face SoapBrooklyn Made Natural - Rose Charcoal Face Soap
Refilling Organic Lotion

Refillable Products In Shop

We choose to support as many small bussinesses in America as possible. We only carry a few "big" brands like ECOS, GIOVANNI, BIOKLEEN etc. We strive to support small. By doing so, products are organic, small-batch, high quality and overall GREAT products. *some products pricing and availability may be inaccurate due to COVID-19 delays/inflation*

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